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Who We Are

Each School of Architecture has appointed a member of staff as a Professional Studies Advisor (PSA) who has responsibility for the monitoring of graduates who are undertaking professional experience, both post Part 1 (Stage 1) and post Part 2 (Stage 2).

PSA’s are often also responsible for the teaching of Professional Studies within the Schools of Architecture and are involved in the research of matters relating to professional education. Nearly all PSA’s in the UK are qualified architects and many are practising architecture at the same time as teaching and mentoring students in practice.

The PSA’s in the UK form a vital link between academia and practice in the profession.

What we do

We are responsible for mentoring architecture graduates during their periods of practical training and for establishing an organisational framework which will facilitate the high-quality professional experience and development for the student employee.

PSA’s provide appropriate advice and guidance on the Practical Training Guidelines (from both the ARB and the RIBA), assisting students who wish to work overseas, undertake a non-conventional pattern of experience as well as overseas students who have come to the UK and are wishing to qualify here.

We offer advice for students looking to find employment and to those already in employment and looking to further their careers. The information we provide ranges from appropriate salary scales to writing a CV whilst offering continual support in the day to day job of running a project and working in practice.

Our signatures are a required to endorse the student’s record of Practical Training and to this end our services are offered through schemes run by Schools of Architecture (see pages for Stage 1 and Stage 2 students for details of individual courses currently provided across the UK). We aim to keep in regular contact with all our students in practical training and with the Employment Mentors in practice.

PSA's also work closely with the ARB and the RIBA, advising on matters relating to both the delivery and assessment of practical experience and professional education through sitting on committees and working groups and so are involved in reviewing, revising and developing policy.

Further details about the role of the PSA can be found on the PEDR website via the following link:



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